Paynomix + Freshbooks

Bring your FreshBooks experience into the digital age.

  • Seamless automation means maximum efficiency with less busywork
  • Gain full visibility and a more hands-off approach to your invoicing process
  • Real-time sync gives you real-time revenue numbers across all your devices

How Will You Benefit from a Paynomix + Freshbooks Solution?

No More Messy Paper Trails

Make printed receipts and stapled invoices
a thing of the past. With Paynomix, you can
simplify your billing process and send detailed digital invoices from anywhere, anytime

Automated Reconciliation

Paynomix pulls transactions seamlessly into Freshbooks and automatically syncs payments with invoices, so you can eliminate double-entry and other reconciliation issues.

Eliminate Human Error

That misplaced decimal point or mistyped number can wreak havoc when you’re balancing books. Paynomix eliminates your need for manual data entry.


FreshBooks uses cloud-accounting that’s designed exclusively for small business owners like you—so why doesn’t it provide a full-circle solution?

We designed Paynomix because we saw a gap in the system that costs your business time and money, and we wanted to do something about it. Paynomix simplifies and streamlines your invoicing, and gives you back all the power to receive payments however you like—and still keep track of everything in Freshbooks.

Where Can Your Business Go With
More Efficient Accounting?

Give your Freshbooks the superpowers
your business needs to succeed.

Create Invoices

Paynomix has the same look and feel
as Freshbooks, so you won’t have to
re-learn how to do what you already know.

Explore New Payment Options

Paynomix gives you options for what kind
of payments you want to accept—without
charging unexpected fees you can’t afford.

Digital Conversation Made Simple

Open up your customer and invoice data,
and send invoices by text or email with a
quick click. Emphasis on simple.

Sync with Freshbooks

All your data populates in real time in your
Freshbooks no matter where you’re looking, keeping you and your employees in the loop about every transaction.

A Searchable Digital Filing Cabinet

Because actual paper trails are so 2010.

Precise User Permissions

Ensure that your employees can
access just enough information to do
their jobs properly.

Let Us Impress You with Features Like:

Unmatched Convenience

On desktop, online, tablet,
POS, or smartphone—in the
office or out in the field—Paynomix
goes where you do.

Lower Fees.

We know that staying penny-conscious
is what keeps your business competitive.

Make your software truly work for you.

Explore how Paynomix can elevate your Freshbooks experience today.