Integrate CardConnect with QuickBooks, XERO, NetSuite and more

Learn how to integrate CardConnect within your current accounting solution, and stop overpaying for payment processing with QuickBooks, XERO, NetSuite and more

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Accepting Payments in the Simplest Possible Way

When you’re taking payments from customers, you want that process to be as simple as possible. A simple purchasing process keeps customers coming back and ensures you don’t lose anyone halfway through the checkout process. CardConnect gives you omnichannel options, making it easy to accept both online and in-store payments of many different kinds.

  • You need to ensure it’s easy for people to make purchases and even easier for your employees to take those payments.
  • Making sure that everyone understands the way your business works is a quick and easy way to reduce red tape and make your business work more efficiently.
  • You can add employees to your Paynomix account and allow them to input, edit and revise individual sales, which then sync to your master QuickBooks account.

Taking Advantage of Double Security and Safety

As a business owner and operator, you need to make sure your customers feel safe while also protecting yourself from potential fraud and other damages. CardConnect payment processing offers its own high-quality security options, which means your customers will feel completely comfortable placing orders and making purchases in-person and online.

  • By providing a processor that allows your employees to each create their own account, you can have multiple people sending information in to your QuickBooks or other accounting software.
  • At the same time, you can prevent those people from making any irreversible changes or having to give out your account passwords.
  • When you use Paynomix in conjunction with CardConnect, it’s easier to process payments and sync them to your QuickBooks account.

Delivering Simple, Secure Results to Customers, Employees and Others

You want to make sure your business builds a reputation for being safe and secure. Even one misstep can be disastrous. Plus, you also need to make sure everyone else involved with the business stays safe, from your employees to any manufacturers and distributors. CardConnect and Paynomix work together to keep everyone safe.

  • It’s important that you make sure your tools all offer high-quality security options on their own.
  • At the same time, it’s equally important that your tools build upon each other, making each tool’s security even more expansive.
  • When you integrate CardConnect payment processing into your Paynomix account, you can build on both to make sure everyone maintains personal and business safety.

Keeping Everything Up to Date at Once

Keeping all your different software up to date can eat up a lot of time if you haven’t made everything as efficient as possible. If you have an inefficient software setup, a single order change may require that an employee make the change, then notify you so you can update the change in your accounting and sale software. Instead, you can use Paynomix to save time and energy in your accounting.

  • It’s inefficient to update every piece of software individually; having the ability to sync across your accounting software makes for a better system.
  • With Paynomix, your employee can simply make changes in the QuickBooks account directly without having to use your credentials to do so.
  • Paynomix’s syncing capabilities then spread that change out over other integrated accounts, making for less busywork.

Making Your Software Work for You

The ideal business software works for you, not against you. It doesn’t matter what preferences you have when it comes to the way you run your business or what you prefer to prioritize. Even if you have a fairly unconventional way of doing business, sending out invoices or processing orders, Paynomix can deliver personalized options that will make it even more efficient.

  • Both your payment processor and your accounting software should be serving you in the best way possible.
  • You may prefer different types of accounting and payment processing software, and you need to make them work together.
  • Paynomix will provide you with the best business options to automate certain parts of your business and integrate different pieces with each other.

Paynomix is a simple but powerful solution that helps your business operate the way you wish it could. Try it risk-free today.