Integrate PayPal with QuickBooks, XERO, NetSuite and more

Learn how to integrate PayPal within your current accounting solution, and stop overpaying for payment processing with QuickBooks, XERO, NetSuite and more.

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Opening Up Options for All Payment Types

As an existing way to send digital currency between individuals, PayPal offers a huge variety of payment types. If someone wants to pay using their existing PayPal account, they can do so with a bank, card or digital currency balance. If they don’t have a PayPal account, they can enter credit or debit information to pay without an account. You’re giving your customers options with PayPal and Paynomix.

  • When you open a variety of options for your customers, you can often attract more business.
  • Any time you expand your options, you need to prepare for an influx of customers coming in because of those newfound options.
  • If you decide to use PayPal payment processing, Paynomix can help you effectively categorize all the different types of business you receive.

Creating Online and In-Person Options for your Customers

Although many people think of PayPal as being a very online-first payment processor, that’s no longer entirely the case. In fact, PayPal offers a variety of payment options you can use for retail points of service and for your e-commerce payment processing.

  • Accounting can be more difficult when you have revenue streams from both in-person and online sales.
  • No matter where you’re selling, you may want to use PayPal payment processing to bring your business closer together.
  • When you allow employees to directly enter information into your QuickBooks account with Paynomix, you can streamline that process.

Offering Global Options to Make Currency Conversion Easier

If you’re planning to expand outside of simply your immediate area, you’re going to want to find ways to make your business more appealing to international customers. Currency conversion can make this a problem; to accept international payments, you may need a payment processor that can automatically convert currencies. PayPal payment processing allows for simple currency conversion to help extend your reach.

  • This currency conversion doesn’t always showcase an issue when it comes to accounting, as you can usually choose to receive your money in your local currency.
  • However, accepting international orders can definitely complicate your accounting needs, so you need to understand your global reach.
  • Paynomix is a great way to get all your accounting squared away as soon as any purchase happens.

Integrating the Convenience of Payment With the Convenience of Accounting

Convenience means a lot for a business. Customers appreciate convenience because it entices them to purchase products without long wait times and complicated payment requirements. Businesses also appreciate convenience because it allows them to focus on creativity and other workloads. PayPal and Paynomix work together to offer opportunities for convenience.

  • PayPal payment processing does its best to make sure it’s as easy as possible for your customers to pay for their orders.
  • Paynomix also does its best to make sure it’s easy for you to process the orders you receive through PayPal.
  • When you combine these two tools, you get a business that’s functioning more effectively and more efficiently, leading to better customer satisfaction and more profits.

Personalizing Your Accounting Solutions to Your Payment Needs

Personalization is an important part of creating business solutions. The way you do things is very personal to your business; if you’ve discovered something that works for your business, you shouldn’t have to change that just because a payment processing company wants you to do it a different way. You need an option that fits your specific needs, and Paynomix works with PayPal to do that.

  • Personalization can make a huge difference in how you’re able to run your business.
  • If you need a different way to invoice your clients, a new method of bookkeeping, or an innovative way to invite employees into your company, you need the most cutting-edge technological answers.
  • Paynomix and PayPal payment processing work together to provide you with the best personalized options for your accounting and payment needs.

Paynomix is a simple but powerful solution that helps your business operate the way you wish it could. Try it risk-free today.